środa, 14 listopada 2012

Love & Hate – Maison Martin Margiela for H&M

So for past few weeks all I’ve been reading on my followed blogs are coverages of presentation of H&M and MMM collaboration. I admit it’s been nice seeing all those magnificent pieces that defines Margiela’s style among mortals, but let’s face it. In Poland only dozen of percentage knows what MMM really is. And it saddens me when I see a silly teenage girl, who doesn’t have any fashion education wear pieces that revolutionized 90’s fashion, while babbling some bullshit on her “style diary”. One of them even claimed she met Margiela on the pre-launch party, oh that lucky gal, being one of the very few people who know Margiela’s real identity. Unlike me who is not among chosen crowd who could see those pieces in real live. That’s why today as soon as I finish my 6 hours class I will head to nearest H&M store to feel some of those pieces for the first time.

I must admit MMM did great job bringing some iconic pieces to masses, but the one question bothered me all this time. Would Margiela have done this? His aesthetics stands for everything abnormal so would have he allowed for high street mass company to produce items from his archives? I doubt it, even if he would, he would surely do it in some weird and unexpected way. Like collaborate with Carrefour or Ikea (ok, that would be totally awesome) or maybe launch the collection unannounced and just in 2 sizes extra large and extra small. Well, but that business and that formula worked magic for brand exposure, it’s a pity though that Margiela was everything but formulaic. But hey, it’s just me being my “fashion for fashion sake” self, what do you think about the MMM for H&M?

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  1. Według mnie MMM dla h&m to jest niewypał nie dość, że ubrania nie zachwycają, można je dostać w dwóch polskich sklepach (i mimo mojej opinii chociaż mam daleko to pojadę), a ceny nie są na realia większości osób!

    1. Mnie również totalnie się to nie podoba! Wymyślili głupie, za duże ciuchy, które i na pokazie, i na naszych drogich blogerkach wyglądają dramatycznie ale przecież jest oryginalnie i wszyscy pieją z zachwytu. Jak ogłoszą modę na worek od ziemniaków, to również odnajdą się zwolennicy!

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  4. i have to admit that i am a little sad that MMM collaborated with H&M. before they did, they seemed exclusive and almost cult-like with an underground fanbase. now, it seems like everyone and their mother likes MMM because it's "trendy".