niedziela, 31 lipca 2011

Ice Cream

The other day I was lucky enough to catch some sunlight and sun = ice cream. This outfit was insired by lemon sherbet and strawberry youghurt with blueberry candy topping. Yummy!

shirt: H&M men
tee: H&M
belt: thrifted
skirt: Zara
shoes: Pierre Hardy
body chain: DIY
rings: random

środa, 27 lipca 2011

Outfit Post

There's apparently no summer in Poland this year. Therefore enjoy another black&white outfit. 
I was more in an edgy mood, maybe because of weather, I don't know but one thing is certain, the damn light was impossible to work with, that's why I'm apologizing for ridiculous amount of shadows.

skirt, blouse: H&M
shoe: ASOS
gloves: mum's
rings: random
sequin blazer: Vila

wtorek, 26 lipca 2011

What I will be wearing in winter

I know, it's the middle of summer, but due to the polish weather I can't stop thinking about fall so I'm leaving you with KLARA KALICZ and pieces that I will be wearing in winter.  

Fur + hardware, I think it's time for DIY!


5 reasons why Balmain is overrated

1. I remember when in 2008 everybody was so obsessed about 80's glam rock trend, Balmain back then was something untouchable no one dared to say a single bad word about the fashion house. Every fashionista had to have at least one piece with shoulder pads or Balmain-esque rich beaded item. Emmanuel Alt and Carie roitfield were mesmerized with Decarni, cameras' flash followed him everywhere he goes, and there wasn't a single A list celebrity who didn't make a public appearance in Balmain. Within time though, like every trend 80's rock had to pass, but Bal main stayed pretty the same. Each season I see same glam rockability style, ripped skinny pants, shoulder padded mini dress with draperies/beadings. I admit it's effortlessly chic but its Balmain it should get better, different and most importantly it should evolve.

2. Do you remember Pierre Bail main, the founder of the house? His design was all about feminine silhouette and beautiful detailing. His clients included some of the world's most elegant and best-dressed women, such as Katherine Hepburn, Vivien Leigh, Merlene Dietrich. How did Balmain's classic heritage turn into punk rock, ripped and studded leather coats and mini dresses? I can understand that when a young designer wants to give a brand new image he’s trying to do something else, new and hip, but take an example of Phoebe Philo for Celine she made a brand so desirable but kept the house's credibility. 

3. Decarni could still justify his 80’s styled collections each seasons when dresses were still beautifully detailed and had wonderful beadings. However in spring 2011 show he let models on catwalk wearing basic t-shirts with pins , skinny jeans, leather  jacket with studs, printed tees, ripped shorts and stockings, and old denim. We buy luxury expecting them to be high quality and expensive looking then again  can destroyed denim shorts and ripped stocking give us a desired look?

4. Is it me or is Balmain trying to trick us? Beside the fact that 8 latest collections look like they're from the same catwalk, they want to charge us 1,625 $ for a basic t-shirt with holes in it.

5. Seriously 1,625$ for a t-shirt?!

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piątek, 22 lipca 2011

Black Tie

My interpretation of black tie outfit for summer.

blazer: Gmarket
shirt: French Connection
shorts: thrifted 
shoes: Aldo

piątek, 15 lipca 2011

Catwalk Review: GIVENCHY Couture fall 2011

Everyone has been obsessing over Givenchy's latest couture collection. I get it, it's a perfect example of couture collection, all those beadings and feathers and amazing craftmanship is impecable, but to be honest did Ricardo Tisci bring anything new to the table? I have the feeling that I've seen it all before.

Givenchy couture fall 2010
fringes against lightweight sheer fabric plus lots of beadings

fall 2011
sheernes, fringes, beadings

fall 2010 
origami patterns on sheer fabric

fall 2011
origami inspired cut

I must admit, Tici is a genius I would rob a bank to buy one of those dreses if I have enough money to buy a gun, but I would like to see something new or at least in different colour pallete. I showed those photos to my "non-fashion" friend and the reply I got was "Aren't those the same dresses u showed me last time?".  Compare it yourself.

fall 2011

spring 2011

fall 2010

środa, 13 lipca 2011

Take Me To The Future

I love H&M for their cheap clothing, but those gold pants are beyond everything! It was a love from a first sight, and what would look good wth metalic pants if not metalic everything else?! The shoes I'm wearing are silver with lucite wedge nd they are GENIUS so much that I bought a size bigger that's why there's no side shot.

pants: H&M
blouse: Christopher Kane for Topshop
tank: H&M
shoes: Nine West
ring: H&M
bangles: random

wtorek, 12 lipca 2011

Colour Blocking

I've tried to resist the season's biggest trend but it seems impossible. The idea of mixing bright colours toghether is very cheerful and perfect for summer. So after seeing many fellow bloggers posing in their green shoes and pink/orange prada tees, I wanted to give it a try myslef. 

skirt: Zara
dress worn as top: H&M
shoes: Pierre Hardy
belt: vintage
scarf: friend's