piątek, 5 kwietnia 2013

5 recent hate of the fashion industry.

Fashion tends to be funny, ridiculous, controversial but most of all dramatic and I’m referring not only to designs but also happenings. It may result from the pressure of economy to sell more and more products and we all know that nothing sells better than scandals around it. These are 5 things that make me anxious, knowing I belong in this world.

1.       To proceed with this first one, I will ask you to reach to your memory and recall must have at least few pairs from ages ago. I’m taking of course about infamous Lita shoes from Jeffrey Campbell. To many owners it seems like a mistake of fashion industry, probably due to the fact that we’ve seen it on every (and I mean every) fashion blog for last 1,5 year and the countless copied and inspired versions of them. So to refresh this, let’s call it iconic piece, pops from JC decided to give them new life. In collaboration with online boutique Ashbury Skies, JC present us a capsule collection of 3 versions of wedding Lita. Yes, if you are a bride to be and you want to look like 16 years old fashion blogger that plans to wear cut off shorts and torn up tee on your most important day of your life, then this is solution for you! Litas come in 3 versatile versions: lace, velvet blue skies and metallic laser cut.

2.        Another product that makes me go „WTF?” comes from Hermes with the title of most ridiculous pricing. We all love a good t-shirt, those luxurious version tends to cost up to 100 – 200 $ in my opinion still little too pricy. But amount of those zeros looks like nothing compared to the „chiffon crocodile” Hermes t-shirt retailing for 90 000$ and yes I’ve counted zeros right. What makes this piece of clothing so special? Surely not encrusted diamond or gold embroidery because it’s a plain black shirt (except for crocodile texture). Turns out it is made out of crocodile leather that was innovatively converted to look and feel like chiffon.  Well, finally someone thought of upgrading wild wear, now Tarzan will have a place to shop.

3.        Do you remember Yoko Ono’s collection for Openign Cremony? Those gracefully placed hand prints on private parts of the body and transparent vinyl top with decorative nipples (personally I think that when the word nipple appear in the review it is equivalent to shitty) were wacky, hard to pull off but surely not unoriginal. It appears that we were wrong, the Brooklyn based designer - Haleh Nematzadeh accused OC of copying her ideas and made it viral for world to know she was the inventor of those pieces. Being in her shoes I would not let anyone know that this disastrous collection came from my head.

4.       I’m conviced that Heidi Slimane holds a grunde for Yves Saint Lauren. Why else would he turn YSL namesake brand into this mess? Except for his “ill received” collections he also manage to screw up latest ad campaign casting irrelevant celeb into the ad. Stars like Marlyn Manson, Courtney Love and Tom Burke appeared in the camping make everyone think „what is that suppose to be?”. Well, internet with its best humor decided to make Slimane realize his mistake and made a well edited parody of his campaign incorporating celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen and starved Jared Leto. Honestly I would not be surprised if the joke was on internet users when Slimane would cast those people for real.


5.       What Lady Gaga have in common with jeans? We did not caught her yet wearing them but this might change with her stylist Nicola Formichetti leaving Mugler and become creative director for Diesel. What disturbs me the most is that with Formichetti aesthetics coming to casual wear brand such as Diesel the results might be a disaster of weirdly deconstructed patchwork denim. And why would Mugler let him go, he did such a good work with rebranding Mugler and brought so much PR for the brand. Ah, the ungrateful job of a designer.