czwartek, 15 września 2011

Fashion Week: Thakoon Spring 2012

This is not what I expected from Thakoon considering previous collection. This year he presented us something totally diferent. It's fun approach to his previous style, there are beautiful prints and the stylng is beyond. I think he deserves a standing applause. The collection reminds me of Alice in Wonderland meets western cartoon. The whole concept is fresh ans very whimsical. 

I love:

Detailing is wonderful.

Beautifully printed dress.

I love everything about this look.

This beautifull gown.

The coat is just breathtaking. 

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wtorek, 13 września 2011

Fashion Week: Alexander Wang

I’m very torn about Alexander Wang, he’s young desirable and talented, but sometimes I think because of that he gets to put out ridiculous piece on the catwalk. This collection made me very confused there were some genius pieces that I adore but some things just reppled me. 

I love:

I like the whole concept of feminine and sporty. Love the sheer panels and flowers. 

Lego inspired (?) cycling outfit.

Love the corset and sheer panels on floral pants.

Motorcross suit from Wang.

Ultra chic coat.

I hate:

I don't understand the concept. It's ugly.

This is just ugly.

Tacky leather cheerleader outfit from 90’s.

Ugly and unflattering velvet dress. I can expect everything from Wang but not boring bodycon dress.

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Fashion Week: Prabal Gurung Spring 2012

Sorry guys for huge pause. I've been so busy with watching shows and catching up with some school stuff and friends who came back from their holidays. I've missed out on few first shows but the minute I saw Pragabl Gurung's show I had to share it with you. 

In my opinion Prabal Gurung is one of the most anticipated young designer in US.  His designs are young, chic and elegant. This season he collaborated with London print designer to bring us a collection different than we’ve seen before. I was happy to see his pretty dresses with a twist, sheer panels, latex covered fabrics and I’d dare to say avan garde textures. Everything with amazing detailing and in fantastic colourful prints. 

I love:

Super weird coat and those cute shorts are working great toghether.

I love that among feminine dresses he did a super cute suits.

The latex dress is amazing.

Amazingly detailed sheer dress

It's amazing when PG goes avant garde on sheer gown . 

I hate:

Tacky violet and 80’s tiulle on the hem.

This happens when he tries too hard to make elegant, more young.

It’s awful when Prabal Gurung goes Versace.

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piątek, 2 września 2011

Lace + Print

I've been meaning to show of  this lace top for a long time now. It's one of my favourite, it's not exactly lace more of a mix of lace an cut-out, very folk-ish. I deided to pair it with print maxi skirt to add some contrast to the outfit. Hope you like it. 

P.S. I'm very thankful for your comments and support. I promise to blog better (?) and not to disappoint you. 

skirt: H&M
shoes: Aldo 
top: TkMaxx