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Ysl vs. Louboutin: Red Sole

The issue that has been on everyone's mouth, was it ok for Louboutin to sue Yves Saint Laurent for using red sole?
I think that Louboutin could be outraged by the fact but unfairly. It is true that when we mention red sole we mean Louboutin's shoes, when we see photos of celebrities on red carpet we instantly think of our favorite French shoe designer but honestly, soles are parts of outer shell of the shoe. It would be like fighting over the fabric of the shoe or texture.

Christian Louboutin and his "trademark" red sole

Also considering the fact that YSL always has a specific shape of shoe I don’t think any respectable fashionista can mistake YSl “pallais” with Louboutin’s shoes beside in cases in which red sole was used in YSL’s designs was to match the rest of outer shell of the shoes, which is why I think that the lawsuit was unnecessary.

YSL "Palais" shoes

As for red sole trademark, I think we've seen a lot of non-Louboutin shoes with red sole. They are indeed knock offs but the shape is simple, classic it cannot be registered as trademark and louboutin cannot be against their production. I admit that we all associate red sole with only Louboutin and any other brand, and he was the only one who stick with red sole on every of his shoe. But let's be honest, the red sole was used as a part of a design far before we all hear about Christian louboutin, for instant it was worn by King Louis XIV in the 1600s and the ruby red shoes that carried Dorothy home in The Wizard of Oz.

on th left YSl,  right Louboutin

On the other hand, Louboutin red is very specific (he was allowed to register Pantone-18 Chinese Red shade as his trademark) and easily recognizable, was it really necessary for ysl to use the exact shade?
 What do you think about this issue? Let me know I’m very curious.

photos from: refinery29.com , strawberryblunt.com , outrepasser.blogspot.com

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  1. I honestly think that YSL is copying Louboutin. Even if YSL has a different shape, I would think that YSL is trying to make the red sole iconic for them as well. The thing is that Louboutin has made the red sole an "it" thing for the brand for awhile! It would be unfair to Louboutin.

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  2. im quite mixed on this case as well.. i agree that we all associated red soles with Loubs. but at least YSL didnt use red sole on every on their shoe right?
    on the other, perhaps YSL could've changed the red sole into the regular beige ones.. but when they do change the red sole, the palais will loose its striking effect.. its a tough call for me !


  3. I love this post. At the end of the day each designer has their own aesthetic. You can tell a YSL shoe from a Louboutin shoe and we all love them both. I have a pair of YSL that has the red sole and lots of Louboutins, as a customer I can tell the difference between the two. Hard to have sole ownership of the sole :)


  4. I love the drama, I do think YSL was looking for a law suit by using the very color that is the heart and "sole"..lol couldn't resist of Louboutin. And if if I were Louboutin, I'd be pretty pissed.


  5. i think it's okay for YSL to use the "red soles" because they have a very different heels. and yet, i love how Valentino said that if someone should be pissed it's him, because red is Valentino trademark :P


  6. I think it's hard to say if it's okay for YSL to do this. We all know that Louboutin's famous for their red soles so it's obvious that YSL is copying them. However, if all designers were like Louboutin, then they would all be suing each other left right centre which would be a bit ridiculous. And isn't there a saying "imitation sincerest form of flattery"?;)


  7. I thought it wouldn't be legal for YSL or others to use this red on the sole if it was patented by Louboutin.. apparently no problem though. Weird :s



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